Single Company

A Career Fair for Just Your Company

Imagine attending a career fair where you were the only company, and all the candidates were there for your jobs specifically. That is exactly what you will achieve with a Single Company Career Fair with Veteran Recruiting. You simply tell us what you are hoping to achieve in your career fair, and we will handle the rest.

How Does it Work?

  • You provide the scope of your career fair to the Veteran Recruiting team
  • Veteran Recruiting will design your virtual booth
  • Veteran Recruiting trains your recruiters (*Veteran Recruiting can even staff the booth for you if you prefer)
  • Veteran Recruiting will market your event to more than 1.8 million veterans in our active network
  • Veteran Recruiting will provide a detailed attendee report after your career fair (including resumes)


  • Greatly expands your geographical reach
  • No travel required
  • Reduce your time to hire
  • Save cost typically associated with attending military job fairs
  • Reduce competition because you are the only company
  • Increase your military friendly brand

Features Included:

Customized Virtual Booth

CSV Health

Let your imagination run wild when it comes to the design of your booth. We have used a truck for a Penske event to a submarine for a major defense contractor. We also have hundreds of template booth designs you can choose from. Chat with attendees in a public chat room, or one to one while reviewing their resumes. Your company career site can be integrated in your booth, or you can add jobs manually. Full social media integration, and the ability to upload content to each attendees briefcase.

Post Career Fair Reporting

What good is a virtual or any career fair if you are unable to see who attended, applied, or was ultimately hired? With Veteran Recruiting, you receive a detailed attendee report with all contact information of everyone who registered and attended (including resumes)


Single company career fairs are included in all annual sponsorships, but you can also purchase them individually if you choose.

Single Company Virtual Career Fair$5,500

  • Dedicated virtual career fair for your company
  • Customized registration page
  • Up to 6 recruiter seats
  • 2 email blasts to promote your virtual career fair
  • Booth design
  • Training included
  • Detailed attendee report after the career fair (including resumes)
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