Veteran Recruiting, our name says it all.

Since 2008, we have connected over 7 million veterans with thousands of companies through our virtual events. We design events based on your jobs, locations, and requirements and source candidates to connect with you.

Veteran Recruiting Center

Best solutions for your company

Single HiringFair

  • Dedicated HiringFair for your company (In-Person or Virtual)
  • We will market the event based on your available jobs and locations
  • All candidates are hand selected by our team of recruiters
  • Detailed attendee report after the virtual career fair (including resumes)


Webinars have long been a great way to sell products or services, but they are even better to recruit veteran talent. With the Veteran Recruiting webinar, you get to showcase your company to an audience of high-impact veterans that have been sourced for the exact jobs you are trying to fill. You simply tell us what jobs you are looking to fill with veterans, where they are located, what are the requirements, and we will take it from there.

Your recruiters and hiring managers can deliver a presentation on the company, and showcase jobs available with the organization.

Veterans in attendance can ask live questions, and you can archive the webinar on your site for future viewing. The Veteran Recruiting webinar is a great way to attract veterans, and an even better way to stand out from the competition in this competitive talent landscape.


  • Customized invitation
  • Candidate sourcing based on your specific jobs, locations, and requirements
  • Candidate handouts
  • Polls
  • Surveys
  • Recording
  • Multiple presenters
  • Video and text based chat
  • Attendee reporting after the webinar