Tailored Recruiting Events

What good is a job fair if the jobs are of no interest to you, or the candidates are not a fit for the roles you are hoping to fill? The virtual and in-person recruiting events hosted by Veteran Recruiting are an ideal way to connect the right candidate with the right company, and the right job. When you register on the site, you create a simple profile that allows us to invite you to events that should be of interest to you. You can of course attend our general career fairs, but you will also be invited to job fairs based on your location, experience, interests, education, and more. Register today and you will start to receive email reminders when a recruiting event is happening.

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Hiring Fairs

Hiring Fairs are designed to connect hiring managers with veterans that have been hand-selected and matched with specific jobs and companies. Hiring Fairs are invite only events, and all candidates are personally interviewed prior to receiving an invite. Hiring managers meet with veterans about specific roles the company has previously asked us to source candidates for. Hiring Fairs are hosted at offsite locations, or can be conducted at a company’s office. Hiring Fairs are a great way to interview with multiple companies in one-day, but we also host them for individual companies based on need.

To be considered for upcoming Hiring Fairs, you simply need to upload your resume to the database. If you are an employer interested in attending one of our Hiring Fairs, we are happy to connect.

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Chat with recruiters from leading companies in the virtual career fairs, or send them your resume if they are offline.
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Veteran Recruiting is much more than a veteran job service, when you partner with VR, you get an entire veteran recruitment team that will complement your team’s efforts to recruit, hire, and retain top veteran talent..

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