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Veteran Recruiting Open House

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What is a Veteran Recruiting Open House

Customized recruiting events to attract high-caliber veteran talent to your company, and tailored for your open roles and company-culture.

We combine our world-class virtual suite of recruiting services and combine them with in-person recruiting events for each of our clients. Essentially, we set up career fairs just for your company both online and in-person

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Veteran Recruiting Open House

The Veteran Recruiting Open House combines a virtual and in-person component to connect veterans with your recruiters. Because most of the work is done virtually, we greatly reduce the amount of time, money, and resources typically required for you to recruit veterans for your various locations.

On average, our clients see a cost per hire reduction of nearly 60%!

demonstrate your commitment

What better way to demonstrate your commitment, appreciation, and respect for veterans than to bring them in to meet with your hiring managers. Your employment brand plays a key role in attracting the best and brightest, and hosting a Veteran Recruiting Open House will surely help you stand out from your competition.

reports and analysis

Receive detailed reports and analysis of the veterans who register, attend, and apply for your open roles. With this data, your recruiters can easily track each veteran through the hiring process.

How Does it Work

  • You are assigned a dedicated event producer (EP) that will manage all aspects of your event.

  • Your EP will arrange an introductory call to get an understanding of the jobs you are looking to fill, locations, requirements, company culture, and whatever is needed to ensure we are sourcing the proper talent for your open house.

  • Your EP will develop a virtual career fair for your recruiters to connect with a broad range of veteran talent.

  • The EP will design your virtual booth, train recruiters, help to market your virtual career fair, and deliver detailed attendee reports after the event.

  • You will screen the veterans that attend your virtual job fair, and work with your EP to invite the ones you feel are best equipped to meet the needs of your open positions.

  • You will work with EP to set up your open house, and invite the veterans you wish to meet with to come in to meet with hiring managers.

  • Your EP can be on site for your open house, or you can choose to manage it yourself.

  • You extend offers to the veterans you deem most qualified to fill your open positions.