Veteran Recruiting 2.022




Bringing the Best Together

Since 2008,

Veteran Recruiting has connected more than 7-million service members, veterans, and military spouses with our employer partners through the virtual career fairs we have hosted. These events have helped us build a massive network of high-caliber veteran talent, and enabled us to offer additional services such as:

Targeted Search

When you hire us to find specific talent for your openings, you get a team of dedicated recruiters and hiring managers that will come together to gain a thorough understanding of the job requirements. The team will source veteran candidates, screen them, and send you the best-qualified for consideration.

What sets us apart with VR2.022 is you do not pay additional placement fees when you hire our candidates.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Leveraging our massive network of high-impact veteran talent, our internal team of veteran recruiters, and our proprietary technology solutions, VETRPO will help you win the competition for top-notch veteran talent.

Your dedicated veteran recruiter will work as an extension of your internal recruitment team, but with a laser-focus on sourcing veteran talent for your vacancies.

Recruitment Webinars

Webinars have long been a great way to sell products or services, but they are even better to recruit veteran talent. With the Veteran Recruiting webinar, you get to showcase your company to an audience of high-impact veterans that have been sourced for the exact jobs you are trying to fill. You simply tell us what jobs you are looking to fill with veterans, where they are located, what are the requirements, and we will take it from there.

Open House

The VR Open House is not just another career fair, we hand-match veterans with your jobs specifically, and only those veterans who have been pre-screened, and set up for an interview will be invited to attend. You have the option of choosing to bring the veterans into your offices, host them virtually, or we can arrange offsite interviews for you. Your VR Account Manager will work with your team to market your Open House, and invite those we feel are best qualified to attend

As we look to 2022 and beyond,

we have made the business decision to roll up all of our services under one offering to help us deliver the best available talent at the most affordable cost for each client. We are calling the service Veteran Recruiting 2.022 or VR2.022

Virtual Career Fairs

When you partner with Veteran Recruiting, you can still attend our virtual career fairs www.veteranrecruiting.com

  • Dedicated event producer
  • Booth design
  • Training
  • Attendee report after each event (including resumes)
  • These events will put your company alongside other companies that are also seeking to hire veteran talent

Single-Company Career Fairs

In addition to the multi-company virtual career fairs, we will also host virtual career fairs for each client where they are the only company being promoted on that date and time. These events will work like all other events, but you decide the scope of the event and the date and time.

  • You pick the date and time
  • You control who attends your event
  • You choose the geographic location
  • You control what jobs that are included
  • We promote your event via email blasts, social media, and our partnerships with VSO’s and government agencies

Targeted Searches

This is the most exciting service being included in VR 2.022 because this is a service that our clients are usually paying hefty fees for with other search firms, if not ours. When you team with VR, we will perform up to 3 targeted searches for you at a time, but you do not pay a placement fee when you hire any of our candidates. As positions are filled, you can replace them with other job openings. The team at VR will go to work on finding candidates based on your requirements and will submit them for consideration to the internal recruiters or hiring managers with your company.


  • A dedicated veteran recruiter will be assigned to your account
  • Your recruiter will also have the support of a recruiting coordinator and marketing team to promote your company to our network, and to source veteran candidates for the jobs you have asked us to help fill
  • Weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly check0ins (your call)
  • Candidate tracking delivered with write ups
  • Candidate check-ins after their first week, month, and quarter with your company
  • We can present offers on your behalf (optional)
  • We can also let candidates know you will not be moving forward with them (if you like)

Like most of our partners you are already busy enough. That is why we make partnering with us painless, fast, and affordable. We can be as hands on or hands off as you like, but whatever direction you choose, you can feel comfortable knowing that you have a team that is laser-focused on finding the best available veteran talent for your open roles.




$6,000per month


$7,500per month