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As you know, the team at VR is always looking for better ways to connect veterans & military spouses with our employer partners, and I am please to announce that VR One Way is finally here. What is VR One Way?

VR One Way is a powerful, secure, and easy to use video job application platform. You will see jobs posted from our partners, and if interested, you can apply via video. Recruiters will review your video interview, and determine if you are a match for the job. Your resume details your experience, but you are the person the company will ultimately hire, and VR One Way gives you an opportunity to stand out from the crowd. Here are some tips to ensure your video interview goes well.

  1. Use a modern web browser. Google Chrome is the preferred web browser. The latest versions of Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer will work as well.
  2. Have latest version of Adobe Flash Player already installed on your computer. Visit adobe to get the latest version.
  3. Make sure all other web programs “besides the meeting room” are closed.
  4. Use Ethernet if possible. If using a wireless connection, disconnect all other devices from the internet.
  5. If you are using a mobile device, make sure you are connected to wireless internet and not 3G Cellular.
  6. Directly connect to a power source. Be aware that a work network might be slower. To test your connection speed, go to speedtest. The minimum upload is 2.0 mbps and the minimum download is 3.0 mbps.
  7. Disable your screensaver to prevent your computer from going to sleep during the interview.
  8. Make sure your interview location has adequate lighting. Avoid having strong lights or windows in your background to prevent silhouetting and make sure your face is clearly lit. Keep your environment quiet and free from distractions.
  9. If you are using a mobile device, prop it up so it doesn’t move during the interview.
  10. Look into the webcam and not at yourself to enhance that eye-to-eye interviewing experience.

Every week, we will post videos of open jobs with some of our partners on this page. You can review the job, and apply if interested.


Good Luck

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March 16 Hot Jobs


Xerox has quite afew job openings across the country, and would love to fill them with veterans and military spouses. Here are just some of their current vacancies..
Req. 14043171
Title: .Net Developer
Location: McClellan, CA or Sacramento, CA

Req. 15005235
Title: Business Development Sr. Capture Manager
Location: remote

Req: 15004150
Title: Technical Support Lead
Location: Urbandale, IA

Req. 14043171
Title: .Net Developer
Location: McClellan, CA or Sacramento, CA

Req. 15005235
Title: Business Development Sr. Capture Manager
Location: remote

Req. 15005078
Title: Systems Consulting Professional
Location: Cheyenne, WY

Req: 15006690
Title: QA Associate
Location: Cheyenne WY

Req: 14045381
Title: Field Representative/Learning & Development Analyst
Location: Cheyenne, WY

Req: 14034914
Title: Business SME/Writer – Eligibility Determination
Location: remote

Req: 15001904
Title: Medicaid Business Analyst (Analytics Product Analyst — Fraud, Waste, and Abuse Specialist)
Location: remote

Req: 14035384
Title: Senior Delivery Director
Location: remote

Req: 14018450
Title: Implementation/Delivery Director – Remote – ANYWHERE IN THE US
Location: remote

Req: 14034867
Title: Capture Manager – Eligibility Determination
Location: remote

Req: 15001690
Title: Image/Print Technician
Location: Anchorage, AK

Req: 14046351
Title: Public Health Business Development Lead – Epidemiologist
Location: Waltham, Ma

Req: 14019223
Title: Enforcement Transportation Systems Manager – Expat
Location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Req: 14026945
Title: Network/Project Analyst
Location: Carol Stream, IL

Req: 15003384
Title: Test Manager – Expat
Location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Req: 14041802
Title: Oracle DBA/Developer
Location: Germantown, MD

Req: 14043130
Title: Siebel Developer – EAI Interfaces
Location: Elkridge, MD

Req: 15005140
Title: Solutions Architect
Location: Germantown, MD

Req: 14030191
Title: Solutions Architect
Location: Germantown, MD

Req: 14041796
Title: Crystal Reports Developer
Location: Germantown, MD

Req: 14041798
Title: C/C++/SQL Developer
Location: Germantown, MD

Req: 14041804
Title: Crystal Reports Administrator
Location: Germantown, MD

Req: 14038218
Title: Syst Consult Manager
Location: Germantown, MD

Req: 15006106
Title: Hardware Engineer Project Manager
Location: Germantown, MD

Req: 14041793
Title: Java J2EE Developer
Location: Germantown, MD

Req: 14043133
Title: Middleware Specialist
Location: Elkridge, MD

Req: 14040976
Title: Syst Dev Manager
Location: Germantown, MD

Req: 15006103
Title: Project Scheduler
Location: Germantown, MD

Req: 14041791
Title: Siebel CRM
Location: Germantown, MD

Req: 15005212
Title: Construction Site Safety Office
Location: Pennsylvania, PA

Req: 15004099
Title: Hyland OnBase – Systems Administrator
Location: Elkridge, MD

Req: 15004105
Title: Hyland OnBase – Database Manager
Location: Elkridge, MD

Login to Veteran Recruiting to apply to the Xerox jobs

Tyco has 1474 jobs available nationwide, and here are just a few
Sales, Service & Install Technicians, Engineering, IT
Login to Veteran Recruiting to apply to Tyco’s available jobs

You want to work from home? Then stop by the Apple booth to learn about their At Home Advisor positions in Veteran Recruiting

if you find a job of interest, apply, and be sure to tell them you found the job in VR

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Verizon Virtual Career Fair for Cell Technicians Training Program

Verizon banner


Program Start Date: May 18th 2015

Check out our last class:

Verizon Virtual Career Fair

March 10, 2015

2-4 EST

Login to the Verizon Virtual Career Fair on Veteran Recruiting

 Calling Military Veterans!!!

If you want to work with an industry leader, Verizon is the place to be! Verizon was selected # 10 on the GI Jobs Best Military Employers and #1 in our field. At Verizon, we value the ideas, enthusiasm, and ambition that you bring. Working on our network means that you are tapped into a company that owns and operates the nation’s most reliable network. We need your knowledge, your energy and your ability to deliver when it really matters.

Cell Tech Military Program

We have developed a 5-week training program that will give you the opportunity to understand how our cell and switch sites operate while receiving comprehensive hands-on experience supporting our Network Operations’ teams. You’ll learn from the best minds in the industry and have a unique opportunity to use your knowledge and skills in an environment dedicated to maintaining industry superiority. You will be introduced to useful tools and resources that will help you grow both professionally and personally throughout the program. Upon completion of the 5 week training program you will be assigned to support a specific region with your new skills!  Here are just a few things you will be exposed to during your training:

  • Network Architecture Overview
  • Core and Job Specific Technical Training
  • Market Specific Training
  • Lead Technician Mentoring
  • Tools and Test Equipment Training
  • Network Operations Center and Network Repair Bureau

So, if you have an appreciation for technology, wireless devices, and/or network engineering, apply now!

Full time opportunities are available in any one of the following areas:

  • Cell Technician

To be successful you’ll need:

  • Relevant military experience, equivalent special electronics training, or equivalent work experience is required.

Cell Tech

  • Intermediate training in at least 3 of the following areas:  data communications, digital communications, operating systems and applications, telecommunications, computer support, project management, and/or power.
  • Electronics training in at least 1 of the following fields:  telecommunications, two-way radio, paging, or microwave radio is required.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of computer systems, stored program control, power, LAN/WAN protocols is required.
  • General knowledge in the use of electronic test equipment is required.
  • Experience and knowledge of transmission facilities (OC48, T3, T1, and DSO) is required. Experience with OSS required.                          

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Must be able to start training May 11th 2015
  • Application Deadline Submitted by April 15th 2015
  • Must have held a Signal/Communications Military Occupation or Civilian equivalent experience

Applicants can send their resumes to:


North East Region locations:                  

South East Region locations:                  

Central Region locations:                        

Western Region locations:                      

Please include the following information:

  • Resume (Civilian email address)
  • Top 3 locations of Choice (or Any location will suffice)

Work location openings: (POC’s)

New Berlin, Wisconsin      (Central)                                                                Pendleton, Oregon              (West)

Minneapolis, Minnesota    (Central)                                                                Billings, Montana                (West)

Worthington, Minnesota   (Central)                                                                Riverton, Wyoming            (West)

Van Wert, Ohio                    (Central)                                                                Richfield, Utah                     (West)

Tiffin/Norwalk, Ohio         (Central)                                                                Los Angeles/Santa Monica, California   (West)

Wooster, Ohio                     (Central)                                                                Inland Empire, California                  (West)

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania  (Central)                                                               Santa Clara, California                        (West)

Marienville/Forest County, Pennsylvania    (Northeast)                           Sacramento, California                       (West)

Newport News, Virginia                    (Southeast)                                           Las Vegas, Nevada                              (West)

Washington, DC                                   (Southeast)                                           Tucson, Arizona                                  (West)

Connecticut                                          (Northeast)                                           6 Additional positions throughout (Southeast)

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania              (Northeast)                                           North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida

Verizon is an equal opportunity employer.

See what Verizon’s doing with Veterans and Military Spouses at

On Twitter @verizonmilitary or @verizoncareers

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Monday Hot Jobs- March 9

Check out the great opportunities with the Veteran Recruiting partners below. When you visit their virtual booth, if you apply for a job, use the email recruiter option in the booth to contact them. Don’t forget to tell them you found them in the VR virtual career fair.



2,841 Jobs Nationwide

Login to VR to visit the Verizon Booth


1080 Jobs Nationwide

Login to VR to visit the Penske Booth


10, 876 Jobs Nationwide

Login to VR to visit the Lowe’s Booth


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Monday Morning Hot Jobs

Every Monday, we will showcase 3 of our employer partners, and you will be able to visit the company’s booth in VR, view and apply for their jobs, and then email the recruiters with your resume after you apply. These are just a few of the tens of thousands of jobs our partners have available, and we will do our best to mix it up each week. Please remember when applying to tell them you found them through Veteran Recruiting.Do not think you know what the company is hiring for simply by their name alone.

if you login to the helpdesk in VR, you can see a short video on how to email the recruiters if they are offline. Just click the Click Here for Support screen in the helpdesk booth to watch video guides.

223 Jobs available nationwide
Link to the Graybar virtual booth

348 Jobs Nationwide
Link to Exelon virtual booth

More than 600 jobs nationwide
link to Anthem virtual booth

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Welcome to the Deployed 2 Employed blog

For several years now, I have been asked to start a blog that will focus on helping transitioning service members, veterans, and military spouses who are looking for employment. To date, I have been reluctant to do so because there is no way I can commit to posting content on a daily or weekly basis given my workload, and because pen to paper is probably my weakest skill. Earlier this week, I had the pleasure of having lunch with a good friend of mine from high school who served 18 years in the Marines before being made medically retired. His name is Ricky, and he made me realize that regardless of how often I add content, or how many people the content helps, it is a worthwhile effort if it helps just one veteran who may be in need of assistance finding meaningful employment after serving. I know that may sound a little bit corny, but as I thought on it for a few days, it actually rings true with me. I started Veteran Recruiting not because I saw an opportunity to make a ton of money (believe me), but because I saw a glaring need to help those of you who have sacrificed so much for me and my family. So, before I start blogging away aimlessly, I wanted to let you know what you can and can’t expect from me with the blog.

I Will

1. Focus purely on employment issues and topics for the military community
2. Write about employment opportunities with companies we come across, and will include contact information for the recruiter for the company where possible
3. Send event reminders
4. Keep you up to speed on services available to aide you in your job search
5. Post success stories from other veterans who have been hired

I Will Not

1. Discuss anything political (there are thousands of places for you to voice your discontent)
2. Be a resource for anything VA related (we do not have the knowledge, or the training to be such a resource)

So, if you are in need of employment advice, or want to provide assistance to your fellow veteran or military spouse, we encourage you to check in to see what is posted, and encourage you to add your two cents.


Kevin O’Brien
Veteran Recruiting

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